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Face Painters
Our face painters can do it all.  From simple designs for quick line work or fantastic body art for elaborate events they have the skills and can tun your guests into little works of art.

For large groups we suggest quick paintings so you don't develop a long line and a lot of wait time for mom and dad.

Face painting is a good mix with balloon art or our photo booth.

We have art for every occasion so we can fit the theme of your next party.

That is why Zap Entertainment is known as the company that turns parties into "SPECIAL EVENTS".

For large events we suggest at least two face painters so the line keeps moving along. There is nothing worse than going to a party where you have to wait an hour for a balloon then get into another line and wait another hour for face painting.  What a way to spoil a nice event. Make sure you have enough people working and they know how to do line work.

People who book face painters will also use our balloon twisters, caricature artists, photo booth and origami station.