Bob and Sue Durante
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         Zap Entertainment 
Your one stop show for all your entertainment needs
When you want to make sure everyone is having a great time there is nothing like a clown to bring merriment to the party.  Our clowns do everything from full shows to face painting and balloons.  

We also feature Neil the Hurdy Gurdy Man who brings along his music maker from over 100 years ago.  The music he provides will make your guests think they are at a real live ole fashion circus.

For birthdays, nursing homes, grand openings and more clowns bring smiles to any event.

Some kids and adults are afraid of clowns in full dress and make up so we suggest bright costuming and very little or no make-up for the younger set or for at home parties. 

For outdoor shows like picnics or fairs clowns in makeup are fine.