1) Abracadabra (learn the secrets of magic)

Learn the art of magic. You will be performing wondrous legerdemain for your friends and family and fooling them with your new skills. 

2) Origami (the art of paper folding)

Paper folding is a great fun and lets you experience math in real life. Learn how to fold paper into everything from Finger Puppets to Samurai Hats. Great fun and something you will use the rest of your life.

3) Juggling (add some balance to your life) 

Learn how to juggle all sorts of objects from spinning plates to scarves and balls. Also learn how to balance objects from peacock feathers to canes. Not only will you have loads of fun you will be enjoying in the THREE C's: Co-ordination, Concentration and Creativity.

4) Balloon Art (balloon dogs 101)

Become a Balloonatic when you learn how to take balloons and twist them into works of Artistic FUN !!!! You will learn how to make everything from Apples to Zebras

5) Bible Camps and Christian Theme Shows
"Everything I Needed To Know I Learned From Noah's Ark"

Here is a show that delivers Magic with a Message!!!  Talking about how to keep GOd in our heart and thoughts during our busy days. A nice way to learn about listening for God's direction's and guidance. 

Workshops for after school, library or pre teen parties.
We offer workshops on magic, juggling, origami and balloon art.