Comedy Hypnotist David
There you are at your corporate party or weekend training session. Now imagine it is time for the “Special Dinner Entertainment”. You’re thinking, I hope they have someone cool this year. Not like the guy doing tricks with the little sponge bunny rabbits that was so boring last year.
   Now Ladies and Gentlemen  
Imagine, the show starts and the person that was sitting next to you just a few minutes ago is up on stage and can’t remember their own name! Or better yet one of your friends is up on the stage claiming that their belly button was stolen! Then with a snap of David’s fingers they enter back into a hypnotic trance. Sounds better than the bunny guy doesn’t it? This is just the beginning of what to expect in the show.
No one is forced to volunteer. David will invite anyone who wants to get hypnotized to join him and fill the 15-20 chairs that are on stage. In just a few moments your friends and the rest of the volunteers fall into a hypnotic trance. Then the fun begins!
It is comedy like no other. Mainly because YOU and YOUR GUESTS are the stars of the show!

Bob and Sue Durante
[email protected]